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more than 20 years of experience

Developed material and technical base, highly qualified employees and professional approach. We take over the management of all processes on the construction site

general contract

We are able to carry out a full range of construction works of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We are ready to cooperate in any region of Ukraine.

clear deadlines

Production technology and comprehensive cost calculation allow you to adhere to work schedules under the contract. The experience gained over the years makes our team of specialists one of the best in the Ukrainian market.

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Multidisciplinary construction organization that
it has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 2001.

Since the company was founded, we have implemented more than 300 different properties in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.
Each large-scale construction project involves working in three areas: planning, organizational measures and control. In order for all components to function smoothly and bring positive results, it is worth putting them in the hands of a specialized organization, which is the companion group of construction companies.

We are able to manage large projects and perform most of the work independently without hiring subcontractors. GBK "companion" is a closed-loop company that allows you to perform up to 70% of all construction work on your own.
Specialists working in the company GBK "companion" have a high level of training and work as a close-knit team, the goal of which is to achieve high results.


In our work, we strictly comply with legal acts, as well as building codes and regulations. We carry out multi-level technical supervision.


The most important thing is our constant team of professionals! We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our works.


We have in our arsenal everything possible to maximize customer satisfaction!

Our latest projects

we have implemented more than 300 different projects

Ceramic wall materials plant. Reconstruction. Obukhiv

Completion date 2021-2022, General contract, full range of works

Kronospan plant, Novovolynsk

Completion date 2015-2021, General contract, full range of Works, production and supply of concrete using our own concrete mixing unit, відео, преса

Dominant Plaza Lviv

Completion dates 2018-2021 full range of finishing works on an area of 30,000 m2

ERC administrative and office building

The project implementation period is 2017-2019. Plaster walls, cement-sand floor screed. Full range of finishing works on an area of 14,000 M2

MOYO store 24/7

Project implementation period 2019 full range of finishing works

School on Khorolskaya Street

Project implementation period 2019 Plastering and installation of floor screeds

Workshop 21

Implementation dates-2018 Full range of works

Tuning Fork residential complex

Completion date 2018-2019 Plastering and installation of floor screeds


we perform the following types of work

General contractor functions
The key to the success of the entire complex of construction and installation works is a high level of skill and professional interaction of the performers. It is easier for our company to coordinate the actions of subcontractors than for many others - after all, we perform the most complex and responsible work on our own.
Construction works
* Preparatory and general construction works;
* Low-rise construction;
* Installation of metal frames and enclosing structures;
* Monolithic works using our own concrete pumps;
* Construction of industrial buildings using our own concrete unit and equipment capable of producing up to 40 m3 of concrete per hour
Finishing works
We have at our disposal 12 units of plaster stations of various modifications, which allows us to perform up to 1000 m of2 wall plastering per day.
* finishing works on large construction volumes;
* facade works;
* laying tiles in large formats
* We have the technical capacity to perform up to 1000 m of2 industrial floors per day.
• We have at our disposal 6 units of pneumatic Supercharger stations of various modifications, which allows us to perform up to 800 m2 < /sup> of cement-sand screeds per day
Roofing works
Our company has technical capabilities for laying commercial roofs up to 400 m2 per day.
We build both completely new roofs and carry out major repairs of old ones.

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Viber: +380684404000

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